Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Church of Great Rain - 2010 Season Finale

The Phenomenon - The Vashon grown Radio variety show that has attracted loads of talented people: Performers, writers, musicians, techies and videographers. It will be going into it's Third season in the fall,...and it shows no sign of slowing it's stellar growth. The beginning of "Ruraltopia". My radio drama series about the Vashon Island of the future. Starring Jeff Hoyt as intrepid post modern reporter, Larch Montroy.
Jeanne Dougherty and I in Boatio and Juliet. Written by Greg Wessel

"Public Meeting" written by Cindy Hoyt, with Lyn McManus, Cindy Hoyt, Janet McAlpin, David Godsey and Mik Kuhlman.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun with Fae

FINALLY! I get to go to Prom. With Fae of the Heavenly Spies. (Work can be quite cathartic sometimes) At an Enjoy Productions 80's high school theme party. Despite my forebodings as to the entertainment value of the theme...we knocked their socks off !

Make Me A Millionaire

A photo from my first video made with Scott Aaron Gaul. Here's the link. Sorta dull. Enjoy!